Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Book Review: Heaven is for Real

I received the ebook version of Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo from booksneeze.com. I have to admit, I was not a fan of the ebook... I would much rather have the actual paper copy of any book! That being said, this was still a very charming book. Colton was 4 years old when he "died" and went to heaven during an operation. This is his dad's recollection of the events leading up to and afterwards. It's interesting how long it takes the parents to really get the whole story from Colton... Colton's age at the time of the event may attribute to the slow progression. That being said though, the book definitely makes you think about what heaven is like. Todd Burpo did do a great job putting scriptural references to Colton's memories of heaven. I liked reading about Colton's "preschooler moments". I wasn't really that big of a fan of all the lead up to the incident of Colton's experience... I felt like it was almost a biography of Colton's dad's bad luck prior to all this.

However, I still enjoyed hearing Colton's recollection of his experience in heaven and meeting Jesus. There is a picture of the image of Jesus that Colton recalls in the back of the book. I think this is definitely a book that people who have never thought about eternity should read.

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