Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Book Review: PrayerWalk

I received Janet McHenry's PrayerWalk from Water Brook Multnomah Publishing. McHenry discusses the physical and spiritual benefits of prayer walking, suggestions on time management/prioritization, the importance of proper footwear, and her prayer life.

I really enjoyed McHenry's honesty and openness about her own struggles in life and the healing God brought into her life through her prayer walks, both physical and psychological healing. She reveals the power of prayer for not only her life but also testimonies of others who participate in prayer walks. McHenry is very encouraging but not pushy at all. She provides only suggestions, from shoes to topics of prayers. Her excitement about the power of prayer walk is contagious.

McHenry includes a questionnaire reviewing each chapter and a 30 day challenge at the end of the book. Each challenge includes a prayer focus, fitness challenge, and a notes section which includes some questions. I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to shape up and improve their prayer life. It will encourage and challenge you.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Book Review: The Dragons of Chiril

I received the book The Dragons of Chiril by Donita K. Paul from Water Brook Multnomah for review. I really enjoyed this fiction novel. The book is about a young girl, Tipper, who's father has been missing for years. To support her and her mother, she sells her father's art. One night, her father returns with some interesting characters, a wizard and a librarian. They are looking for 3 pieces of art that were created from a special stone, a part of the foundation that would be the key to sharing the news of Wulder. Tipper must help the 3 men to find the 3 missing sculptures to save her world.

This book is definitely captivating. I enjoyed the fact that they use Wulder as a representation of God and bringing the good news to people who may not be ready to receive the message. I found the characters to all be very interesting. Dragons, giant talking parrots, crazy wizards, they all keep the book very fun and interesting. I recommend this book to young adults who enjoy fantasy novels.

Book Review: We Shall See God

I received the book We Shall See God by Randy Alcorn from Tyndale publishing. This is a 50 day devotional book on heaven. The book is actually a collection of sermons by Charles Spurgeon on the topic of heaven. Each day is broken down into when and where the sermon was given, the overview of the sermon, the actual sermon given by Spurgeon, and also a commentary by Alcorn.

I had a really difficult time staying interested in the book, especially the sermons part. Alcorn does a good job explaining the sermon and providing scriptural references, but the topic was not my favorite. This could be a great book for someone who is struggling with the loss of a loved one or just seeking to find out more about heaven.