Monday, February 14, 2011

Book Review: Regret Free Parenting

It seems odd for a woman without kids, or any plans for kids yet, to request a parenting book... but after reading this book, I realized that more people should read parenting books before they even begin parenting!! That way, they are equipped and ready to approach this problem called parenting! Too many times, people become parents unequipped and then don't have the time to read parenting books when they really need it! That will not be me! 

I started the equipping process by reading Regret Free Parenting by Catherine Hickem. This book is witty and insightful. Unlike many other parenting books that focus on how to change behaviors of children, what teenagers might be thinking... this book turns the tables and focuses on the mother! What can a mother do to impact her children? This book focuses on the confidence mothers need, the impact of your attitude on your children, the importance of "intentional time" with your children, the importance of connecting to your children emotionally, and much more.

This book definitely got me thinking about my parents' parenting influenced the way I responded in different situation. This book addressed many of the issues I must resolve before becoming a parent myself. I encourage all moms and moms to be to read this book so that they may heal from childhood wounds before attempting parenting. 

I really enjoyed this book. It is a very quick read and I actually plan on reading this book again once I become a mom! This would be a great gift for expecting moms! I received this book from!

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