Monday, February 14, 2011

Book Review: The Dragon and the Turtle Go On Safari

The Dragon and the Turtle Go On Safari is about two friends that camp out in the woods. As the boys camp out in the dark, they hear various animals, which they imagine to be safari animals. As they try to rest, they hear a lost "leopard" crying. They decide to rescue the "leopard", even though they are afraid of the night. As they try to search for the "leopard", their flashlight burns out. The dragon accidentally blows fire, which he never knew he could! Using the light from the dragon's fire, they were able to rescue the "leopard" aka a kitten.

I was not very impressed with this book. The whole book was dialog between the two friends. The moral of the story of "do not be afraid" was not portrayed very well. I also did not like the title of the book... the grammar throughout the book seemed a little awkward. The language used by the two characters seem too old for preschoolers to really understand.

The illustrations were beautiful, but the story itself could have used some more work. The best part of the book was the camp fire story at the very end of the book.

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