Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Movie: Princess and the Frog

Growing up, I was always a fan of the Disney princess movies... so when "The Princess Frog" came out, I just had to watch it! I was utterly disappointed with the movie.

First of all, this movie was very dark! The "magic" that turns the prince into a frog is "voodoo" magic, and the dark magician summons "demons" to capture the frog when the frog escapes. When the dark magician was not able to meet his end of the bargain, he was dragged "down into the earth"! 

My husband and I both agree that this movie is not appropriate for young children! Parents should definitely screen this one before they allow their kids to watch it!

Even as an adult, I thought some of the scenes were very scary, with all the references of dark magic, evil spirits, etc, I was uncomfortable! I couldn't imagine any of my preschoolers watching this movie without getting scared... or even some of the elementary school kids! Should not have had a G rating! It should have been rated PG or even PG-13!!! 

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