Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Craft: Holiday Salt Cookie Dough Ornament

Yesterday, I was talking to my neighbor, and she mentioned that her mom used to make "Salt-Cookie-Dough Ornaments"... and since last night, that has been the ONLY thing on my mind...

I googled to find out a bit more about it... and found this great blog!

This blogger not only put the recipe up, but also step by step instructions, and pictures... this really helped because... well... it was my first time making them and really didn't have a clue on how to create them!

I have to confess... I basically copied her designs because they were so cute!

I halved the recipe because I thought 4 cups of dough would be a bit overwhelming... and I was right! With only half the recipe, I was still able to make a good 16 ornaments!

Other than the halving of the recipe, I followed it to the T... and it was perfect to work with!

You can definitely do some fun things by coloring the dough before cutting! I do have one piece of advice... it may be easier to mix the water with the food coloring before you mix it into the flour and salt. I had to kneed for a while to get the coloring to be evenly distributed!

Though... at 250 degrees... it's taking quite a long time to bake....

About an hour and a half later...

Once the ornaments are cooled and dried a bit longer... I will paint them, put wiggle eyes on the snow man, and then spray them with varnish. VOILA!

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