Friday, March 2, 2012

Book Review: Life Promises for Couples

I received the book Life Promises for couples: God's Promises for you and your spouse by Gary Chapman for review from Tyndale Publishing. This is absolutely the cuttest little devotional book! It has lots of purple to appeal to all the ladies! Each devotional has a list of "Life Promises", three scriptural references, and a message from the author. Gary Chapman is the author of The Five Love Languages. He uses many of the concepts of the 5 love languages in the messages in this book. He points how we can better love our spouses by showing us scripture that teaches us HOW to love. I love this little devotional because he shares real life examples! Everyone will be able to relate to the scenarios Gary discusses. The best part is, he gives honest, helpful, doable tips in learning to love and communicate better with our spouses! I highly recommend this book for ALL married couples (along with his other book The Five Love Languages).

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