Sunday, March 13, 2011

Book Review: The Story of THE BIBLE

I received my copy of The Story of The Bible from! I was surprised at the size of this beautiful hardcover book (9.5 inches x12 inches)!!! This book reminded me of a high school social studies book, with lots of pictures, references, and side notes. There are multiple wax-like paper folders throughout the book that holding various loose leaf pages of life-size images of other documents. For example, there is a copy of the Great Isaiah Scroll with contains Isaiah 52:13-57:2. The documents include details of where the documents were found, what they contain, and descriptions of the type of paper, etc. This book also includes a timeline on the inside front and back covers of the major events from 2100 BC to 2010.

This book does a great job covering both the changes and translations to the text and describing the actual historical context in which it took place. This is a great reference book for people who are interested in the historical creation of what we know today as the Holy Bible. I would highly recommend this book for any history buff. This is a beautifully created book!

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