Friday, January 28, 2011

I got this book so that I could use it for my preschool class. The winter curriculum covers polar bears and snow... and this book includes both! :o) 

This is a great book to read to little ones. It is about a little Polar bear who asks his mother questions about other bears. The mother takes the bear to a zoo where they learn about different bears around the world! I absolutely love the illustrations!! It is a beautiful book! 

The book really focuses on God as the creator, a very creative creator!! They discus the different types of bears, where they live, and what they eat. Like every child, the little bear responds with more questions of why... The book also discusses how we must take care of the gift God has given us, our Earth. 

I definitely would give this book as a gift to young children. It's also a very simple book to read, great for beginning readers! I will definitely read this book to my preschool class and my kids!

I received this book from Waterbooks Press!! 

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