Thursday, January 27, 2011

Book Review: Stories about Jesus

I selected this book because I teach preschool for 3 year old kids. I was surprised when I received this book, and the WHOLE book was "hard covered"! This book is perfect for the 3 year olds. It will definitely stand the test of a classroom of 3 year olds! The pages are glossy so you won't have to worry about sticky fingers! Just simply wipe it off!

As for the stories, this book includes the story of Jesus' Birth, Jesus' baptism, healing the sick boy, bringing a girl back to life, walking on water, loving children, Zacchaeus, healing the blind man, calming the storm, story of the lost sheep, Peter and the fish/coin, the man healed of leprosy saying thanks, and the resurrection.

The actual stories are not very well written, but easy for 3 year old to understand. The font is large so beginner readers can read it easily. The stories include the reference of the passage where the stories are from the Bible. The illustrations are pretty. I will use this book to teach Sunday school and my preschool class, but I would definitely include other children's books to get a more in-depth explanation of the stories.

I received this book for free from!

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